Nitro Kennels' Proud Owners

We always enjoy hearing from proud owners about the development and accomplishments of their Nitro Kennels' dogs. We will share their enthusiastic comments here, with available photos, as we receive them. We hope that all owners of pups and started dogs from our kennels will update us regularly on their progress.

Grondahl's Miss Dixie (Nitro's Elhew Hemingway and Nitro's Elhew Spellbound)

"Hi J.D.,

"This is Miss Dixie at 5 months. Not a hunting photo but just wanted to give you an update on her. She’s exactly as you stated and exactly what I asked for. As far as her hunting instincts she seems to have plenty. She will start her bird training at seven months. She should be ready for pheasant season."

Thanks again,

Mark Grondahl

Mackey's Murphy (Nitro Elhew Seahorse and Nitro Elhew Ladybird)

"Hi JD and Johny,

We've been meaning to drop you a note for some time to let you know how Murphy is doing. Murphy has turned out just great. His training last winter and spring went very well. He has a great personality, works hard with a ton of drive, and loves birds. We had a pretty good bird year in Idaho and Montana so I was able to get him on a lot of birds and he just got better and better every day. We couldn't be happier and wouldn't change a thing about Murphy. He's a very sweet boy and a wonderful member of our family. Thanks so much for the great job with the breeding and raising him for those first 12 weeks.

"I've attached a photo from our pheasant hunt this past fall in Montana. Murphy is on the left and Finney, who you also produced is on the right. Finney is from your Elhew Walking Tall and Nitro Elhew Beauty litter. Finney is doing great too. He is our senior bird dog with a lot of miles under his belt. Murphy and Finney are a great pair of dogs and we are very thankful for both of them. Thank you again!"

Dennis and Meggan Mackey

Womack's' Lucy (Elhew Gold and Elhew Dixie Chick)

"Hi J.D.,

"This is Lucy when she was five.  She was born 10/06/2008. She is the most wonderful dog I have ever been around in the house or in the field. I could search the world over and never find another like her."

Thank you so much,

Ron Womack

Ames' Jack (Nitro's Elhew Fort Knox and Nitro's Elhew Ladybird)

"Hello Mr. Irvine,

"Jack is doing well.  I expanded his horizons this year and took him to Kansas.

"Initially, he had to work hard to figure out the running birds that leave so much scent, but by the end of the trip, he could track a running rooster with the best of them. Jack averaged 20 miles a day at about 6.8mph.

"I have attached a picture for you. Jack worked some grouse, pheasant & quail.  Next year we are going to add some sharpies, huns and maybe a prairie chicken.   

"I hope all is well with you and Johny."

Best Regards,

Roy Ames

Bartholomew's Jinx (Elhew Nitroglycerin and Nitro's Elhew Isabella)

"J.D. & Johny,

Jinx is one hell of a dog. He has manners on game, and he handles like he has a steering wheel ."


Reuben Bartholomew

Grondahl's Gunner (Elhew Nitroglycerin and Nitro's Elhew Lira)

"J.D. & Johny,

Gunner is everything you said he would be. He is fearless, listens well, and ranges perfectly. He is still growing and is going to be everything I asked for."


Mark Grondahl

Dombroski's Huey (Elhew Prophet and Nitro's Elhew Delight)

"J.D. & Johny,

Huey was whelped 1/27/2016. He is a very strong and enthusiastic young man! At 53 lbs he can and loves to plow through any brush in front of him to find birds! He casts back and forth beautifully and always hunts in front of me. He progressed very well throughout the season with more quail and pheasant points than I keep count of. He was rock solid on point and did not bump any wild birds in his first season. All in all I couldn't be happier with him. I have already started work on fine tuning some things during this off season and can't wait to see what he does next fall."


Tom Dombroski

Behren's Lexi (Elhew Prophet and Nitro's Elhew Ladybird)

"Hi JD & Johny,

Here’s an update on Lexi at just over 3 years of age pointing pheasants in Montana during a training session. She’s steady to wing and shot, stops to a wild flush, backs, and retrieves to hand. My training partner recently commented, “Wow, she is really fast”. Thanks for continuing the Elhew line of intelligent shooting dogs that like to hunt with you."

Best Regards,

Ron Behrens


Green's Belle (Elhew Prophet and Nitro's Elhew Isabella)

"Hi JD & Johny,

I thought you might like to see a picture of Belle at one-year of age. She's turning out to be quite a dog. So far she's been a complete natural, by far the easiest dog I've ever trained. I just basically keep my mouth shut and let the birds steady her. She has a nice forward pattern, points solidly through shot and fall, and is a natural retriever (she'll fetch tennis balls with my kids as long as they throw them). She's also fond of sitting in my daughters' laps at night. Thanks for a great dog! "

Brad Green


Behren's Lexi (Elhew Prophet and Nitro's Elhew Ladybird)

"Dear JD & Johny,

Lexi is a gem of a bird dog. She is all I’d asked for – very biddable, stylish, a natural retriever, and hunts with me rather than me hunting for her. She has a fast and merry way of going that makes one want to take notice of her – like Johny said, she’s fancy. I’ve had pointers for over 35 years and while Lexi is not yet 2 years old, she is the best of all. She’s a quick learner and clearly has the strongest pointing instinct, handling both planted pheasants in Washington and wild pheasants in Montana. She is great with other dogs and loves people, and is very gentle with our 3 little granddaughters. Thanks for breeding that 'old Elhew' blood."

Ron Behrens


Herpin's Boone (Elhew Prophet and Nitro's Elhew Ladybird)

"Dear Johny & JD,

'Boone' runs hard, fast, not a 'zip code' dog, honors another dog's find, stops to wild flush, is steady to wing and shot, and retrieves to hand! All of this at 15 months old. I can see why his former owner, Arnie Sullivan, had him entered into NSTRA trials this Spring. He is so intense on point that he 'trembles'....never seen that before. He handles like a dream in the field. Arnie did a wonderful job. I am a lucky son of a gun to own a dog of this quality."

Best Wishes,



Goodell's Charlie (Nitro's Elhew Fort Knox and Nitro's Elhew Isabella)


Here is our Charlie girl now at 1 year and 4 months. She is out of Izzy and Dollar. She is doing great!"


Travis and Carrie Goodell


Dennis Bowden's Reggie (Elhew Mr. Nitro and Nitro's Elhew Isabella)


I wanted to give you a little update on Reggie. I sent you a copy of the magazine he was in this month, and two weeks ago I put together a hunt for wounded Vets and he was one of the dogs I used. The dogs did very well and the vets had a great time. Most had never hunted with bird dogs."



Roy Ames' Jack (Nitro's Elhew Fort Knox and Nitro's Elhew Ladybird)

"Mr. Irvine,

I'm happy to say that Jack liked the woods, as soon as he found out there was birds in there to be found. We moved a lot of woodcock and grouse and were able to get these pointed and in the bag. Hope all is well with you and your family."


Roy Ames


Brandi & Steve Kullman's Ace (Striking Elhew Mack and Nitro's Elhew Sea Legs)

" Hi J.D.,

It's been a couple years since Ace moved up to Calgary. We all enjoy him so much and he is great with the kids. This was from this summer when he came fishing with us. Didn't like the boat at first but after a while we couldn't get him to sit down."


Brandi & Steve


Stan Seymour's Hank (Elhew Nitroglycerin and Nitro's Elhew Miss America)


Here's the picture of Hank I said I'd send you. He was whelped 2/23/2011. Hank has a great nose, a muscular hard-charging body, and a willingness to break through thickets to retrieve. He is staunch on point, loves the water, and he will wear you out playing fetch."




Brent Pike's Morgan (Elhew Gold x Nitro's Elhew Beauty)

"Hi J.D. and Johnny,

Here is a picture of my Morgan dog from this weekend. She took first place out of 22 dogs in a wild bird (grouse and woodcock) hunting dog stake. She ran a really nice fast forward race and pointed a woodcock at the 28 minute mark. She handled like a dream and looked like a million bucks on her bird find. I thought you might enjoy this."




Larry La Fleur's Bristol (Elhew Prophet x Nitro's Elhew Charlie Horse)

"Hi J.D.,

I wanted to give you a progress report on the dog I purchased from you in Septemeber. She's 8 months old now. Her name is Bristol, and you told me your wife said she was "fancy". She was right. I had her on a few chukar hunting trips and just let her run, she did all the puppy stuff- pointed, busted birds, honored a point, and had a great time. I am now at a training seminar with Ronnie Smith from Hunt Smith Kennels. After the first day she is getting a lot of attention. Ronnie and his wife have both personally complimented the dog. I wanted to tell you how happy I am with her-  just thought you might want to know."



Travis Rasor's Max (Elhew Walking Tall and Nitro's Elhew Beauty)

"J.D. and Johnny,

About this time last year my son Travis and I picked up 2 male puppies out of Elhew Walking Tall and Nitro Elhew Beauty. We named them Dan and Max. Max is the first pointer my son Travis has ever trained and he is doing great. We have shot pheasants over both pups in Ohio, Michigan, and South Dakota. This photo is of Max pointing in Michigan where Travis trains. Thanks for your continued "old blood" Elhew breeding."


Bruce, Travis and Jason Rasor


Brad Johnson's Boss (Nitro's Elhew Seabiscuit X Nitro's Elhew Isabella)

"I wanted to give you an update on Boss. This year was his first season in front of the gun and he performed better than I could've hoped for. Boss had several grouse and woodcock shot over his points. He has been the easiest dog I've ever trained. He has a willingness to please that I've never seen in a pointer before. He's also very intelligent as he's shown me he learns from his mistakes very quickly. Boss has a ton of natural ability. He also backs and retrieves naturally. Boss is very methodical in the woods, points at first scent, and is a real pleasure to walk behind. The upcoming years are going to be fun."



Larry Hoscheit's Bobby (Nitro's Elhew Seabiscuit X Nitro's Elhew Isabella)

"Hi J.D.,

Thought I'd give you an update on "Bobby". He has become bird crazy. He has made some very nice points, shows a good nose, and has decided retrieving is really fun. He runs nicely and covers ground well, and I feel he'll be a reasonable foot hunting dog. We have ever so slowly been introducing loud sounds. I started with a toy cap gun, and worked up to a .22 starter pistol, and now we are at a .32 starter pistol, which he is ignoring while chasing flushed birds. I just love him."



Roland Smit's Bud (Elhew Gold X Nitro's Elhew Hocus Pocus)

"Here's a picture of Smit's Peerless Nitro (Bud) on his second birthday. He is 62 lbs. in field condition and of beautiful conformation. He is sired by Gold and the damn is Hocus Pocus. He has a very pleasing personality. For a person that loves to see a dog cover the ground, I can tell you, Bud is fun to watch in the field."


Roland Smit

Bullet Bob

Jim Cron's Bullet Bob (Nitro's Elhew Seahorse X Nitro's Elhew Beauty)

"Greetings from Bullet Bob  – Wonderful guy. He is doing well at less than a year old. Points, backs, retrieves with amazing consistency- - and high on both ends!  Great disposition – in the field and as a family member as well. Totally amazing."


Jim Cron


Rick Herpin's Maci (Nitro's Elhew Seabiscuit x Nitro's Elhew Magnolia)

"Maci is a fast, well made, front running, athletic young dog. She is steady to wing and shot, stops to wild flush, retrieves to hand, and backs voluntarily. At eighteen months, she has performed admirably on woodcock, ruffed grouse, pheasants, huns, sharptails, prairie chickens, California quail, and chukars. In this photo, Maci is pointing California quail in Washington."




John Theil's Toots (Striking Elhew Mack X Nitro's Elhew Sea Legs)

"My 80 year old Dad has helped me train Toots, and he is really pleased at how she has come along. He remembers his many field trial setters and pointers, and thinks that she has fantastic natural abilities and instincts. I am amazed at how much she has matured this fall. Here's a picture of her pointing pheasants in South Dakota.

"What a great dog!"




Jim Hine's Maggie (Striking Elhew Mack X Nitro's Elhew Crazy)

"Thought I should send a brief update on Maggie, as we call the Mack x Exa female obtained from you last year. Hope the attached picture of her pointing a sharp-tailed grouse makes it through.

"Maggie is just finishing her first real hunting season and is turning into an excellent bird dog and family member. Seems to be advancing well for her age, ranging about the right distance, checking in frequently enough, and searching prospective cover with a "plan". For a young dog, she has been doing a good job of finding and pointing wild birds (mainly sharptails) this fall. Maggie is pretty careful around birds for a young dog and I should be able to steady her up in time. Trying not to rush things too much and let her develop somewhat naturally with as many wild bird contacts as possible and basic obedience and yard training."

Best Regards,


Nitro's Miss Fergie

Troy Hepner's Fergie (Elhew Nitroglycerin X Elhew Molly McGee)

"I just wanted to say thank you for letting me have one of the best gun dogs I have ever had. Fergie is one hell of a grouse and woodcock dog. This was my first Elhew and I am very proud to have this great dog."




Al Giaquinto's Hannah (Elhew Gold X Nitro's Elhew Beauty)

"Hannah is the most amazing ,well bred dog I have ever owned. Since the time she was shipped to us at 5 months of age ,she has been amazing. Her instincts for hunting are impressive ,to say the least. She was extremely easy to train because of this. She has been both a joy and a very hard working dog for the numerous hunting trips we have taken her on. When she isn't in the field she is the most loving ,sweet natured dog we have ever owned. She is wonderful around other dogs, and is a big part of our family."

Thanks again,



John Rogers' Becki (Elhew Walking Tall x Nitro's Elhew Kate)

"Here's a picture of Beck pointing a flown out (not planted) quail in Michigan, late April. I thought you might enjoy seeing it. She is the first pointer pup I've had that is so calm in the house, yet has plenty of "go" in the field.

"In the field, Beck demonstrates an excellent nose, a tendency to run to the front, lots of pointing instinct, and pays attention to my whereabouts, almost automatically turning to my voice, whistle or body motion. I need not elaborate on her style on point - you can see in the photo."




Kenny Fick's Bud (Nitro's Elhew All American x Nitro's Elhew Ann)

"Here is the latest picture of Bud taken on New Years Eve. He's starting to turn into a pretty darn good bird dog. Even though quail are scarce in Osage county, we still managed to find a few coveys.

"I'm starting to get the itch for a black and white female."

Thanks again,


Joe Kidd

Terry and Debbie Pence's Joe Kidd (Striking Elhew Mack x Nitro's Elhew Sea Legs)

"Here's Elhew Joe Kidd (Striking Elhew Mack x Nitro's Elhew Sea Legs) pointing pheasant on new years day 1/1/11. Joe is, at  5 months old, holding birds, retrieving, and just being a joy to take hunting. My wife and I are so glad we drove out to pick up him up, and look at your kennel and the fine birddogs you have. Joe is doing fine with our other dogs- he is a bit of bed hogger." 

Thanks again,

Terry and Debbie Pence


Scott Tanner's Charlie (Elhew Gold x Elhew Sea Song)

"I just wanted to write you a short note and tell you how happy I am with my Nitro puppy. I have a 2.5 yr old male out of Gold and Sea Song. Charlie hunts at a medium range, points his birds at long range, and holds his birds very well. He also retrieves well.
He is an excellent family pet.

"We just returned from South Dakota hunting pheasants. This was his first year hunting pheasants, but he acted like he had hunted them for years. I am very pleased with my Nitro puppy and just wanted to thank you."

Scott Tanner


Roy and Cheryl Hiatt's Shooter (Elhew Distinction x Elhew Beauty)

"Shooter now weighs 33 lbs, and his muscle definition is really starting to show. We have completed the training for gun noise but have not shot a bird over him as yet. He is really doing well, and both Cheryl and I are very happy with his progress up to this point. I am headed to my farm in Kansas this weekend, so he will get some exposure to quail over the next week and more field training. Cheryl continues to take him to puppy training and it is amazing how quick he learns. He is a very smart dog! "

Roy and Cheryl Hiatt


Roland Smit's Bud (Elhew Gold (Buck) x Nitro's Elhew Hocus Pocus (Ashes))

"J.D.- Here's an update on my pup! He was seven months old on August 30th. He is doing great, both in the field and at home. He and my setter get along great as well. We have a lot of pheasants and Bud and I go to the field almost daily. He works like an older dog in the field - handles to the front, points and backs with a 12 o'clock tail, and, I think, will be steady to wing without any formal training. He is a natural! I am going to start shooting over him today with a 22 blank pistol. We will go to the National Grasslands south of Ft. Pierre in several weeks to hunt prairie chicken. He is very, very handsome. If the liver spot on his left shoulder was just back a bit and just a little different shape he would pass for Snakefoot-deep chest and the whole nine yards. I like my pup."


Roland Smit


Mick and Ann Guerin's Gauge (Striking Elhew Budd x Nitro's Elhew Abilene)

"What an awesome dog we have thanks to you. He is very intelligent. Tell him once and he has it. He is fabulous in the field and the best dog Mick has ever had. It is wonderful to have such an easy dog for his last one. He never really was trained, Mick and Gauge have been close buddies since we got him and so he just wants to please and do whatever he is asked. He just does everything right! He is also enjoying being a housedog and has huge yards to run in both in Montana and New Mexico. He has a great life and making Mick's life pretty great too."

Thanks again,

Mick and Ann Guerin


Roy and Cheryl Hiatt's Cira (Elhew Mr. Nitro x Miss Elhew Jefferson)

"I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for providing me with one fine bird dog. The Elhew pointer ( Elhew Mr. Nitro x Miss Elhew Jefferson) I purchased from Nitro Kennels is now four years old. I have either owned or hunted over pointers for 40+ years and this dog is the finest of them all! She has hunted with multiple dogs, pointers and flushing dogs in the field on both wild and planted birds. This dog will find and point at a higher rate than any other dog I have ever witnessed. Cira has been the easiest dog to train; works close and almost never misses a bird. I have on many hunts seen my hunting partners who have their own bird dogs leave their dogs in the trucks just so they can watch this dog hunt and have the opportunity to shoot birds over her points. I have been convinced that this bird dog will be the best dog I will have the opportunity to own in my life time. However, my recent “new” purchase of another Elhew pointer from Nitro Kennels may make me reconsider this position. My new Nitro Kennels Elhew pointer at 14 weeks is showing the potential to be another Cira.

"My wife and I would like to thank both you and Johny for the information you provided and your guidance in selecting these two Elhew pointers from you kennel."

Roy and Cheryl Hiatt


Justin Tweedy's Mimi (Elhew Mr. Nitro x Nitro's Elhew Showgirl)

"I have a great dog from Mr. Nitro and Elhew Showgirl’s 2006 litter. I have had other English Pointers from different kennels and none can compare with her. Mimi is the best dog I have ever had in both hunting and field trials, as well as a constant companion. She has a great temperament and excellent style on point. Mimi was easy to train and has a strong desire for birds. She is calm and content in the house; but in the field she is a hunting machine. Together we have taken down many chukars and grouse here in Idaho. She will find my limit of chukars as long as I can hit them. Thanks for matching me up with such a great companion. I am looking forward to another puppy out of Elhew Showgirl and Elhew Politician."

Thanks again,


Gypsy Girl

John Voelker's Gypsy Girl (Pinehill's Walking Tall x Nitro's Elhew Alabama)

"Exceptional dog with lots of style! Strong pointing instinct and hunts intently. Great awareness in the field- always stays in touch with hunter and relocates on moving birds when necessary, but never crowds a point. Ranges deep only when cover so dictates. Beautiful dog that likes to put on a show."


Thank you.



Bruce Williamsons' Jack (Pinehill's Walking Tall x Elhew Fancy Girl)

"It is with deep regret that I write to inform you of the passing of the best hunting dog, and friend, I ever owned. Jack was a natural in all things involving birds. He was a master at handling wild birds. I never sent him to professional training because he knew everything. He would back naturally.

"Jack was to me a once in a lifetime dog. He was not only a master at his craft, but exceptional company and I loved him dearly. Here's hoping that lightning strikes more than once.

"Thanks for breeding such an exceptional dog."



Nitro's Elhew Sea Pony

Mike Serrano's Sea Pony (Elhew Sea Horse x Elhew Sea Song)

"How you been JD. I thought you would enjoy this picture of Nitro's Elhew Sea Pony. He is making a very good hunting dog and a very competitive field trial dog as well. Thanks for your hard work. If it wasn't for good proven genetics it would make bird dogs more work and less fun."


Mac's Elhew Gauge

Justin McWilliams' Gauge (Wizard x Abba)

"Much to my pleasure, Gauge (Mac's Elhew Gauge) has turned out to be more than I would have ever expected in a dog! Gauge has placed in a U.S. Complete Derby Classic, he has numerous Open Shooting Dog Derby, and Open Shooting Dog placements under the whistle of Harold Gearhart. The last three years we have shot a lot of wild quail over him in Texas. Now, our goal is to win an Open Shooting Dog Championship (hopefully sooner than later!) At just 4 years old, he is starting to hit his prime. After being close in a couple of Championships already, I am hoping his is just around the corner. He has really turned into an excellent all-around trial and hunting dog, along with being a great companion.

"Thanks for the wonderful opportunity and great dog."



Shawn Corman's Hannah (Nitro x Rosie)

"Thanks for breeding such a great dog! I can't imagine a dog with more natural desire to find and point birds. Hannah is a very animated and biddable dog, but more than anything, she is intelligent. It amazes me how fast she will learn a new lesson and remember it for the next time. Can't wait to see the next two pups you will be sending in the spring!"



Mike and Kariann Marchetti's Rosco (Blaze x Fancy)

"Rosco just turned a year old and is doing great. He is a ball of energy with a motor that won't quit. He loves dogs and people and is very friendly, which we love. He weighs roughly 50 lbs and is so active he won't keep weight on.

"He's been on birds since we brought him home and is now in more structured training. He is bird crazy and has tremendous drive and desire. Rosco also has great natural retrieving instincts and will retrieve toys and bumpers for hours.

"He's going to be a great bird dog with a ton of talent."

Mike, Kariann, and Rosco

Rip Rap

Mark Leadbetter's Rip Rap (Fib x Maggie)

"Thanks for the phone call, it was a pleasure talking to you the other night.  I renamed the dog Rip Rap, a glorious old Pointer name going back 100 years. I call him "Rap". You said he had "class" and you were absolutely right on. This dog has a ton of class and is also extremely personable, sometimes a rare finding in a Pointer. His points are absolutely breathtaking (10/10). When he moves he floats over the ground. He has all the makings of a great dog. I am delighted with him. Thanks for pointing him out to me. I will keep you updated on his progress."

Best regards



Brent Pike's Morgan (Buck and Dolly)

"I just wanted to give you an update on Morgan. She is AWESOME! I just can't really explain how happy I am with her. At less than 9 months of age she is reliably pointing and holding ruffed grouse and woodcock. She is steady to flush, no real training just lots of exposure to wild birds. She looks like a million bucks on point, high at both ends and handles pretty well. She likes to run and am working on her to run with me not just any direction that she feels like. She has had a couple of points where she was well over 100 yards away from me and she held until I got there.

"Again, thanks for breeding such a wonderful animal. I look forward to getting more dogs from you in the future."



Kenny Fick's Bud (Jock x Ann pup)

"Wow what a pup!! We are having a great time with Bud. He's eating real well now and growing like a weed. My wife took these pictures last night of him. I don't know if a man could find a pup with more class and style."



Ken Fallon and Hammer

Ken Fallon and Nitro's Elhew Hammer (Wizard x Abba)

"I've had 30 years with bird dogs and Hammer is one of my favorites! Lots of personality, very biddable, easy to train, lots of natural pointing, retrieving and honoring qualities, plus a real character to be around. I also get lots of compliments on his good looks.

"Hammer was high point runner-up in Northern Nevada Upland Series for 2007 Runner-up (2) in Reno (2007) at the N.N.B.D.C. Championship. 2008 Memorial Day N.A.S.T.R.A. Classic double/double 2nd and 3rd placements in Reno, NV. Also first place Sierra Valley California N.A.S.T.R.A. Trial, September 27 and 28, 2008."

Best Regards,

Ken and Hammer