Nitro Kennels' Puppies

Nitro Kennels raises a limited number of litters each year from carefully crafted breedings of superior quality, complementary, sires and dams. We breed only pure Elhew litters, ensuring predictable and consistent temperament, conformation, and performance characteristics. We do not outcross to dogs with "piecemeal" genetics of horseback field trial lineage. We will, occasionally, breed a pure Elhew litter with horseback field trial potential. Most Nitro Kennels' breedings are, however, specifically designed to produce outstanding gun dogs for the foot hunter. Our puppies start early, develop easily, and exhibit uncommon natural ability. Each of our puppies receives a thorough physical examination by our veterinarian at seven weeks of age. We guarantee our puppies to be healthy, and current on all vaccinations, at the time they leave the kennel. We look forward to providing you with a great bird dog, and family companion.

A $250 deposit, refundable if we fail to produce the pup you have specified, will reserve a prospect. The order of selection is determined by the date of deposit. Early deposits are recommended to ensure availability.

Nitro's Elhew Einstein

Nitro's Elhew Einstein x Nitro's Elhew Tinkerbell

Whelped October 28, 2019

Einstein, an attractive young male out of one of our favorites, Ladybird, was bred to Tinkerbell, a young female with great promise. Seven liver pups were whelped on the 28th-- six females and 1 male pup!
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Nitros Elhew Hemingway

Nitro's Elhew Hemingway (Hemi) x Nitro's Elhew Spellbound

Whelped December 10, 2019

Hemi, a son of Prophet and Exa, was bred to Spellbound, one of our favorite young females. Spellbound whelped 4 males and 1 female December 10th.
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Nitro's Elhew NitroglycerinNitro's Elhew Grace

Nitro's Elhew Nitroglycerin (Little Fib) x Nitro's Elhew Amazing Grace

Whelped December 24, 2019

"Little Fib" is an attractive, well-gaited young male, bred to Amazing Grace, a young female by Power and Elhew Daisy Mae. 3 males and 3 females were whelped on Christmas Eve.
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